We recommend some wonderful designers, architects, surveyors, facility managers, ergonomics specialists, landscape designers, living wall specialists, workplace consultants and manufacturers. Want a recommendation or want to partner with us? Please contact us, we are only too happy to help or email us on design@argentawellness.com

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Benholm Group

www.benholm.com Ever since the Benholm Group was established in 1993, they have been creating and maintaining beautiful planted environments for customers using the principles of Biophilic Design. Their service includes the provision of interior and exterior plant displays for many different types of organisations and market sectors: Corporate office planting; Hospitality planting for hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes; Plant displays for retail outlets, shopping centres, car showrooms; Exterior and Interior landscaping for public buildings, health centres, hospitals, educational establishments, local goverment departments and transport authorities.

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Osmond Ergonomics

https://www.ergonomics.co.uk Whether you need to improve the wellbeing of individuals or enhance the productivity of departments or the organisation, their well-honed processes ensure an effective outcome. That is why many of their customers have been working with them for years. They also have extensive experience in supporting individuals and students with musculoskeletal issues and varying degrees of disability. They work closely with their training department and assessor team, which includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and ergonomists.

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bhp design

http://www.bhp-design.co.uk BHP Design is an impressive multidisciplinary design service, offering architectural design, project management, interior design, building conservation, urban design, landscape design & 3D visualization, from the largest commercial developments to smaller works, with experience in both new builds and refurbishments. They have been actively involved in overseeing BREEAM & Sustainability issues on a number of recent projects, new builds and refurbishments.

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Diego Correa Interior Design

http://www.diegocorreainteriordesign.com This practice led by Diego Correa specializes in residential projects. His approach stems from a combination of his professional training and experience together with his ethics and vision. Having worked with architecture, interior architecture, furniture design, kitchen and bathroom design, art and lighting Diego offers a holistic approach to every project where the vision once finished is as important as the details required for making it happen.

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square dot

http://www.squaredot.co.uk/home Squaredot are specialists in delivering innovative award winning workplace design & strategy. It is what they do all day, every day. They have a desire to make a difference and a passion for getting it right because they have seen the smiles and the benefits unfold.

They are a tight team of creatives working together from our studio in Stratford-upon-Avon, with complimentary skills and a broad spectrum of viewpoints, creative opinions and styles.

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Bettina Therese, Denmark

http://www.bettinatherese.dk “I do interior with a purpose and create office and learning spaces that help you experience efficiency and success.

I open up your eyes for new ways of looking at your surroundings - doing interior with a purpose.
Specialist in image creating interior for businesses with a focus on atmosphere.
Via biophilic design inviting nature into our spaces.
Expert in colours and their influence on well-being.
Nudge designs supporting desirable behaviour.”

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http://matterxp.com With expertise from all design disciplines, they have been pioneering the translation of brands into experiences & environments for over 25 years.

Blending their talents with innovations in new technologies & media to create designed experiences that generate advocates & build networks of followers: brand experiences that matter.

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Taylor Howes

http://www.taylorhowes.co.uk Founded in 1993 by Karen Howes, Taylor Howes is an international design practice based in London. Howes, the Chief Executive, manages this working studio, overseeing the creation of elegant bespoke interiors and expanding the brand to establish its repuation as one of the world's most prestigious interior design practices.

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Collett-Zarzycki is one of the very few design practices to offer a multi-disciplinary approach that embraces architecture, interior design and landscaping. This enables us to offer a fully comprehensive service to our clients from initial concept designs, through to styling. Click here for more information on our Design Management Process.

The practice has a vibrant creative team of over twenty architects and designers who work closely with freelance consultants and artisans. Our Clients include the owners of some of the most prestigious residential properties in London, the UK and Europe, USA and the Far East.