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ARGENTA Wellness not only prints large and small scale images of nature for interior designers, architects and private collectors, we work with our partners to transform workplaces, schools, hospitals, healthcare environments, hotels, leisure facilities and homes using biophilic principles of design.

Our partners are leading workplace consultants, manufacturers, architects, interior designers, ergonomics specialists, landscape designers, facility managers and agents.


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At Argenta Wellness, we create healing beautiful interiors to transform environments for everyone, for patients, for staff, for families. 

Come and meet with us to learn more about the medical research conducted on the impact biophilic design can have on not only the well-being of your staff, patients and families but also your budgets. Our ARGENTA is waterproof and fire-retardant, chemical resistant and can go anywhere, from surgery to recovery room, board room to nursery, wet-rooms to bedrooms. We also have sound-baffling imagery using Ecophon technology, murals, framed prints and living walls. With over 200 photographs to chose from, we also create images bespoke. We welcome enquiries from those who wish to pilot with us or interior designers wishing to run with creative projects on our behalf.

Scientists and psychologists have, since the 1960s, identified the enormous benefits that living with nature confers on us, but it is only now that interior and exterior design is really starting to celebrate this progressive trend to lessen, not only our environmental impact, but also to enhance our well-being. 

At Argenta Wellness we bring nature, biophilic and human-centric imagery into interiors, bringing life to dull, dark offices, uplifting sad uninspiring environments, calming angry or worried patients and families, reducing stress levels of staff, encouraging staff retention saving money, warming cold and sterile environments.

In 1984 the biologist and double Pulitzer Prize winner, Edward O. Wilson defined the term biophilia as “the innate tendency [in human beings] to focus on life and lifelike process. ..Our existence depends on this propensity, our spirit is woven from it, hopes rise on its currents.”[1] In other words, as humans we love nature, we come from it, are part of it and we respond positively to it. To shield ourselves away from nature is like removing light from our world. The benefits of having a simulation of nature in our working day environment as well as in our homes are huge and as designers we can be inspired by and embrace this trend.

Remember how you feel when you take yourself off into the woods to warm your face as the sunlight streams through the leaves above your head or take a walk by the coast to feel the salt-spray on your lips, listen to seagulls and pick up shells from the beach. These simple pleasures that we sometimes forget about, can transform our mindset, improving stress levels and boost our immune system. It’s not just crazy tree-hugging Southern-Californian theory, it is backed up by science.  In fact, it has been proven that windows looking out to plants and trees can help speed up healing and are increasingly featured in the design of new hospitals. If cutting a window in an interior wall isn’t doable, then install a view onto the natural world.

We developed our biophilic range of fine art so it can support this movement and help improve lives of workers, patients, families. Our ARGENTA is water- and fire-proof and can go anywhere, from surgery to recovery room, board room to nursery, wet-room to a living wall.

biophilic environment enhances our lives and uplifts our mindset, helping us focus, it fortifies our immune and emotional systems on a neural level and for those of us who are in bad shape can boost our well-being including the “neuro-endocryne and immunological system”[2]

Vanessa Champion PhD AMRSPH

Argenta-Wellness was founded by former UCL academic, communications director and professional photographer Dr Vanessa Champion. Vanessa established Argenta after directly witnessing the difference nature can bring to recovery and general wellbeing. Researching further into the phenomenon, she researched the method of printing we now use, so images can go literally anywhere, from spas, recovery rooms, surgeries, offices, bedrooms, kitchens. All our prints are waterproof and fireproof and can be cleaned to prevent contamination. 

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[1] Wilson, Edward O. (1984). BiophiliaCambridgeHarvard University PressISBN 0-674-07442-4.

[2] Caperna A., Serafini S. (2015). Biourbanism as new epistemological perspective between Science, Design and Nature. In Architecture & Sustainability: Critical Perspectives. “Generating sustainability concepts from an architectural perspective”, KU Leuven – Faculty of Engineering, Belgium). ISBN 9789462920880.

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You can buy this print too. Have a look through our  catalogue online  to enjoy a leisurely walk outside.

You can buy this print too. Have a look through our catalogue online to enjoy a leisurely walk outside.