I am an agent or designer and would like to work with you

Please get in touch and we can talk, we are always looking for experts in their respective fields who understand biophilic design principles and want to make a difference to the wellbeing of others. Speak with our Director for an initial conversation.


I have my own images can you print them for me

Yes we can, we print for clients as well. We can advise on material and substrate to print on as well as help get your image print ready so it will print out the best it can be. If you are a design or branding agency, contact us, we work with agencies to create visuals for offices, events, refurbishments and for application on other products.

We can also advise on licensing your images and help you with legal contracts. Do get in touch.


I live in outer Timbuktu and would still love you to send me a print

We ship all over, in the UK we often hand deliver our prints, but if you live in Europe, USA, Australia, Middle East, India, Russia or outer Mongolia, we can get your artwork to you. Contact us with any specific delivery requests and we will do our best to help.


I need some images taken bespoke, just for me

Our USP is that we commission photography (and film) just for clients. Whether you are a private individual wanting some family shots or want an aerial image of your home our photographers can do it for you. Astrophotography, underwater imagery, landscapes, urban images, wildlife, drone and mast photography, we have preferred and reliable photographers who will shoot anywhere in the world for you from the Outer Hebrides to hanging off a boat in the Pacific. Award winning and international, you will always get the best image we can take for you. We are part of Argenta Creative Ltd (see our sister site www.argentafineart.com for other off the shelf imagery).


How can I find out more about biophilia?

Our blog features articles on biophilic design and the benefits of it. We also can come and give a talk to your company or group if it will help convince them they need more natural textures in their workplace. We also have downloadable PDFs explaining the benefits for different sectors, hospitals, care homes, education, workplaces, etc.